Teologisk refleksjon og dialog


One Body er et samarbeid mellom kristne råd i Sørlige Afrika og Norden.

Sammen har vi utarbeidet to sett publikasjoner med teologisk refleksjon og dialog; det første var ferdig i 2005 og handlet om stigmatisering knyttet til hiv og aids. Det andre var ferdig i 2014 og utforsker temaer knyttet til menneskelig verdighet, slik som ungdom, kjønn og misbruk. Begge publikasjonene kommer med en guide til fasilitatorer, slik at man kan lese om hvordan man gjennomfører dialogsamlinger i kirkelige sammenhenger.


One Body - to overcome stigma and discrimination

One of the most powerful blocks to the prevention of HIV transmission, and to effective treatment, is the stigmatization and discrimination that is encountered by people living with HIV and AIDS, their families and their survivors. Recommended reading on aids related stigma.

In volume 1 you will find a collection of reflections. Volume 2 consists of resources for prayer, liturgy, worship and bible-studies combined with personal testimonies from people living with HIV. It is a help for groups and congregations to overcome stigma and discrimination by addressing issues of Images of God, our concepts of the Church and the whole issue of human sexuality.

Download the material here!


One Body - Human dignity inherent in every human being

In this publication, the theme of human dignity is explored in relation to gender, youth and abuses. This has been done with an understanding that there are still many gaps in the churches’ response to HIV.

Through personal stories from many of the participating countries, through selected bible-studies, and through questions to be considered and debated, we hope that this material will be helpful in the further steps needed to be taken towards a strengthened sense of human dignity and gender equality.

Download the material here!



One Body-prosjektet

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