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Global info

Global Info

Global Info is a development education project run by the Christian Council of Norway, which includes 20 member churches and communities.


Global Info is a member of the RORG-network, a network of Norwegian NGO’s engaged in development education in Norway with support from Norad.

The council meeting of the Christian Council of Norway is the highest authority. Global Info has a board that meets 4-7 times a year depending on the needs, and reports to Norad.


Goal: That all the member churches of the Christian Council in Norway be involved in solidarity, justice and peace, and contribute actively to this work both in Norway and internationally.

Target groups: The target groups are the member churches of the Christian Council of Norway and their congregations/members. The indirect target groups are the local communities where the member churches are situated.

Thematic focus: Global Info focuses especially on three areas: HIV and aids, peace and justice, and creation and climate change. In 2016, main focus will be on modern slavery.

Funds from Global Info: It is possible to apply for funds from Global Info. Please note that we only support information projects in Norway. For further information,
contact efs@norkr.no , tel. 23081325.

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